UITG Consulting Group is a 3rd party consulting firm constantly striving to position itself as a business partner for our clients, a third eye, providing 3rd party services to our clients. Our goal is to better our client's marketing positions through localized image design, localized marketing presentation, and localized people management.

UITG People

UITG People is an independent recruiting brand under UITG Group.

We provide Headhunting Services in multiple functions across industries.

We also provide tailor-made massive recruiting for our clients. This is different from RPO as we provide more select recruiting with moderately less headcount for small and medium businesses.

We provide HR out sourcing services for companies who want to focus more on the front side of the business.

UITG Translation

UITG Translation is a language service provider under UITG Group.

Our services include translation, interpreting, website/software localization, UI Translation, subtitling & voice over, DTP (Desktop Publishing), and machine translation.

As a language service provider, we also provide value added services, such as cost saving, process optimization, and vendor management as well as industry information for our clients as a consulting partner.

So far, UITG Translation has served over 100 500 fortune companies.

For more information, please visit us at www.uitgtrans.com

UITG Training

UITG Training is an independent training brand under UITG Group.

UITG training business provide executive training package for high end executives on industry vision, management styles, people management, self-improvement course (both physical and Psychological), as well as fun language learning experiences.

With UITG Training, we value your privacy to the most, as well as an enjoying and knowledgeable trip experiences with us!